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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my actual customer names when exporting transactions to my accounting file?

You can control the customer/contact records associated with your transactions from the Accounting Export Preferences dashboard. For more information on configuring your accounting export preferences, please visit Configure your accounting export preferences .

To create or match transactions to actual customer names, you will need to enable Level 2 Contacts.

Contact or Customer Records

When exporting transactions from Greenback to an accounting program, Greenback attempts to match a transaction to an existing customer or vendor contact. When a match cannot be made, Greenback creates a new contact within your accounting file during the transaction export process. Greenback can create contacts using one of two methods.

Level 1 Contacts

Greenback matches or creates the primary contact (Customer/Vendor) based on the source of the transaction (e.g. Amazon, Etsy, Stripe, etc.). Level 1 contacts are recommended if you have a large number of transactions and prefer to keep your contact lists small within your accounting file.

Level 2 Contacts

Greenback matches or creates a new contact using the secondary contact on the transaction (e.g. your buyer or seller name). Level 2 contacts are helpful for e-commerce sellers that prefer to associate sales with their customer names within the accounting file.


Some accounting packages are designed to handle a smaller numbers of contacts ; therefore, Greenback generally recommends Level 1.


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