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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which editions of lol直播数据 does Greenback support?

lol直播数据 Online

Greenback is currently supported on all lol直播数据 Online small business editions including Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Advanced.

lol直播数据 Freelance & Self Employed

None of the lol直播数据 Freelancer editions, including Self Employed support third party app integrations, therefore they cannot supported by Greenback.

lol直播数据 Desktop

Greenback does not support lol直播数据 Desktop at this time. However, this integration is currently in the works and will be supported soon in an upcoming roadmap update.

Once released, support for lol直播数据 Desktop will likely include the following variations: Pro/Premier/Premier Plus/Enterprise (Standard, Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Retail, Professional Services, Accountant), and lol直播数据 Desktop Accountant.

lol直播数据 Online Desktop App

Greenback does support the lol直播数据 Online Desktop App for Windows or Mac. Learn more here

lol直播数据 Desktop users will still find value in Greenback's full text search, CSV downloads, and automatic fetching for tax compliance.

lol直播数据 Point of Sale

lol直播数据 Point of Sale is a variation of lol直播数据 Desktop and is currently not supported by Greenback at this time.


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